The enrolment procedure

  • Find the BLUE LAB centre

    ...that fits you better in terms of distance, availability and the rest of features listed in their landing pages.

  • Contact the educator

    ...or the service to confirm availability.

  • No available spots?

    You may ask the educator to include your details in their waiting list.

  • Are there available spots?

    And they suit you? Great, jump to the interview step!

  • New vacancy!

    When a Family Day Care vacancy is available, the educator will contact the families in the waiting list in order of priority.

  • The interview

    If the family (or guardian) is interested in the spot, an interview will take place, by appointment, in the educator’s home. It is important that the child is present. The appointment should be made at a mutually convenient time. This first visit is usually arranged when the educator has no children in care, to be able to discuss all appropriate issues and exchange necessary information.

  • Free trial

    If the educator and the family agree, a free trial day may be booked. This session allows families to watch the educator -and the environment- with other children in care.

  • Interest confirmation

    Families need to notify to the educator if they are interested in the position. If so, then they will receive a kit with all the documentation to be filled up.

  • Deposit payment

    Families will receive a first invoice with the deposit to be paid (please make sure that you read the educator's fees and payment conditions).
    NOTE: The spot won't be locked until all documents are submitted and the deposit is paid.


Documents required


      The following information will be required for the enrolment:

      • The enrolment form, authorisations, fee and payment plan documents signed.

      • Child interest document.

      • Copies of any Family Court orders or any legal arrangements related to the child or access to the child.

      • Details of allergies, dietary restrictions and/or other relevant medical conditions and needs of the child, including any management procedures or plans to be followed in relation to these conditions.

      • Copy of the child’s immunisation record.

      • Your child’s birth certificate.

      • Medicare Card.

      • Driver License/Passport.