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Meet Adriana

I am Adriana Pinzon, and I am mother of a 9 years old girl, Mia.

I am a highly qualified teacher with a Master in Education and a Diploma in Early Learning and Children's Services, with over 12 years of teaching experience specializing in Montessori pedagogy for children of all ages, which gives me not only the knowledge but also the confidence to work with children between 6 weeks to 12 years.

I started to run my FDC almost 5 years ago and I look forward to being part of your child’s journey.


  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Certificate III in Children’s Services
  • Degree of Master of Education (Colombia)
  • Pedagogical Formation on University Studies (Colombia)
  • Licensed Teacher in Pedagogy of Education (Colombia)
  • Degree of Specialist in English Teaching (Colombia)
  • Teaching English for Children (Australian College of English)
  • Teaching English for Teenagers (Australian College of English)
  • HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting
  • Practical Response to Child Abuse
  • Safe Infant Sleeping
  • I’m alert Food Safety
  • BLUE LAB Induction Training
    • Obligations and expectations of Family Day Care educators
    • The Education and Care Services National Regulations and Laws
    • National Quality Framework/National Quality Standards/National Learning Framework
    • BLUE LAB Policies and procedures
    • Children’s curriculum and planning cycle
    • Reggio Emilia Approach
    • Playing with loose parts
    • Beyou program- Communities (Early childhood Mental Health)

                  Know how well do we do

                  A top-notch service for you!

                  BLUE LAB has gone through the NQS rating process by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit.

                  The rating measures the quality of any Early Childhood Service in Australia. It examines seven areas and scores them within a four-scale system: Needs improvement, Working Towards, Meeting, and Exceeding what is expected.

                  BLUE LAB has scored 5 Meeting and 2 Exceeding. These last ones were in Relationship with Children and Collaborative with Families, where it really matters.

                  But how good our score is? Is just good… or really good? 


                  Somos bilingües | We are bilingual

                  En este Day Care hablamos en español, lo cual es genial para niños hispanoparlantes que deseen reforzar y aprender la lengua de al menos uno de sus padres.

                  We speak Spanish in this center. This is great for english-speaking kids if you want them to start learning a second language at the best possible age.


                  I believe in a Modern Reggio Emilia Approach: through play, children explore and enjoy the physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them.

                  At Bear Hugs FDC home, I offer a safe and inviting environment with natural and open-ended resources which provoke children’s curiosity, wonder and imagination, taking into account that every resource is carefully considered for its purpose and sustainability is considered.

                  I aim to:

                  • foster early independence, by teaching children to do it themselves.
                  • provide a secure and stimulating environment that offers fun, encouragement and creativity.
                  • offer equal opportunities, regardless of cultural background, special needs, religious beliefs, or family type.
                  • encourage positive self-esteem, fostering early independence through the senses and focus on practical life and play-based learning.
                  • promote continuity of care between the children’s home and Bear Hugs FDC environments.
                  • organize multi-aged grouping to encourage peer learning, sharing, making choices and social interaction.

                  We are SunSmart!


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                  1 vacancy

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                  • Please consult the Educator for before/after school, weekend, holidays or overnight care.

                  Fees (Levy included)

                  Casual Care


                  Per Hour (Standard Hours)
                  • Availability confirmation the previous day
                  • NOT standard hours: $22.20 per hour
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                  After School


                  Per Day
                  • Late Fee: $25.20 per Hour
                  • 3.00 pm till 5.30 pm
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                  Standard Hours: 7.00 am Till 5.30 pm | Non-Standard Hours: 5.30 pm Till 7.00 am

                  On enrolment the payment of one week’s full fee is required as bond. This amount will be returned at the end of the service except for a non-refundable enrolment administrative fee of $40.

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                  Sandra runs a FDC for children up to date with vaccinations

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                  We are at Beechboro with Chaffers street, WA 6062. Close to Jellybeans Childcare Morley.