Our Philosophy

The first 5 years in the child’s life are the most important years to form the foundations of all later learning and development. The greatest brain development and growth occurs and it is a time when early experiences influence attitudes and dispositions and learning. The child’s brain is a powerful learning engine that needs to be constantly stimulated through play with age appropriate activities that encourage talents and build cognitive skills at their own pace.

BLUE LAB is starting a reconversion to become a Reggio Emilia inspired Service. Our educators receive training and resources to embrace this approach in their places at their own pace. We establish and extend strategic partnerships working together for mutually beneficial outcomes which align with our core philosophy and values.


We strongly believe all children are strong, capable and resilient; full of wonder and knowledge

We provide opportunities for children to share their ideas, opinions and make connections in their learning journey. The individuality of each child is respected and nurtured.


The environment as a third teacher

Paying thoughtful attention to creating an environment that enables children to develop relationships with the world around them, themselves and each other is an important aspect our program. A well planned safe, an inviting environment with natural and open ended resources which should be inviting and cultivate children’s curiosity, wonder and imagination. Materials are easily accessible and uncluttered and inviting. Every resource is carefully considered for its purpose and sustainability is considered.


Observe and listen

The educator follows a pedagogy of observing and listening to children and practicing the art of conversations that lead into experiences based on children’s interests.


Triangle of partnership

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with families, educators and children to achieve common goals for their child.


Project based learning provides children with opportunities to investigate and explore an area of interest

This includes inquiry based projects, which can last for as long as the children are showing interest in the topic. It is our belief that projects give children an opportunity engage in inquiry based play, to investigate and discover an area of personal interest and provide children with the power to construct their own learning.



Respect is one of our important values. Respect for ourselves, for all people and all the living things.



We are committed to growing the capacity of our Staff and Educators. To achieve this, we will continue to focus on professional development, with group sessions, individual training when needed, and our training online portal where educators can improve their practice at their own pace.